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Review for Jeffrey A. Schoen on April 5, 2021 in Real Estate

I am in the process of selling my commercial building and I am glad I found Jeff Schoen. He was responsive, reasonably priced, and most importantly, an absolute expert and professional. Jeff was able to help put my mind at ease by reviewing my contract and illuminating those parts of the process I was unsure/unaware of. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone needing legal help revolving around a real estate transaction.

Review for Jeffrey A. Schoen on April 3, 2021 in Business Formation

Utilized Jeff to assist with the review to franchise agreements and contracts. Jeff was extremely knowledgeable and willing to discuss and walk me through the specifics which allowed me to make more informed decisions. His recommendations were very sound and beneficial to us allowing us to make needed revisions upfront. He was definitely a huge help as we ventured down the path of opening our own small business.

Review for Jeffrey A. Schoen on April 2, 2021 in Commercial Real Estate

Jeff was a trustworthy, reliable support throughout the process in purchasing commercial real estate. He offers reasonable pricing and I’d recommend him to others looking to invest in need of opinion letters, etc.

Review for Jeffrey A. Schoen on July 14, 2020 in Business Formation

Mr. Schoen was wonderful to work with! He made the process of obtaining our LLC very easy. He was prompt in his responses and was patient in answering any questions we had. We appreciate the attention he gave to our needs and the professionalism he demonstrated throughout the process.

Review for Jeffrey A. Schoen on July 2, 2020 in Trusts and Estates

My wife and I needed Will and Trust documents drawn up in a short time frame, and were referred to Mr. Schoen by a colleague. Mr. Schoen walked us through the process and laid out everything clearly and concisely. Despite not being able to meet in person, we felt comfortable with the process and explanations. Mr. Schoen was responsive to our questions and completed everything we needed in a timely manner.

Review for Jeffrey A. Schoen on April 17, 2020 in Business Law

I have just recently used Jeff on a business acquisition. Throughout the whole process Jeff has been great to deal with, while being knowledgeable in his practice. He is straight-forward and not afraid to tell you his stand on specific issues to help strengthen your case. He is also consistent with his timelines and up front on meeting deadlines. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone looking for a new lawyer. You will be pleased.

Review for Jeffrey A. Schoen on April 16, 2020 Business Law

Working with Jeff was a great experience. As a small business owner I would highly recommend Jeff, he was always quick and responsive to my legal needs.

Review for Jeffrey A. Schoen on February 29, 2020 in Contracts

I am the owner of a couple fitness studios in the valley. Jeffrey helped me navigate my franchise agreements and my lease agreements in a very efficient manner. It is very refreshing to work with someone so knowledgeable and responsive. I would definitely recommend Jeffrey A Schoen, P.C.

Review for Jeffrey A. Schoen on January 29, 2020 in Business Law

We are a global business with offices in the UK and USA and have found Jeff to be always prompt, easy to deal with, all round excellent representation.

Review for Jeffrey A. Schoen on December 28, 2018 in Business Law

we needed an attorney to handle a lien release to help our business grow. Mr Schoen was a great help in getting that done. We look forward to using Mr Schoen in the future as our business grows!!!

Review for Jeffrey A. Schoen on August 06, 2018 in Commercial Banking

Very informative, communicative and available. Made the loan transaction run very smooth. No surprises.

Review for Jeffrey A. Schoen on 05/05/18 in Business Law

Of 8 lawyers Mr. Schoen seemed to be the best fit to help dissolve my inactive corporation. Reasonable rates, unlike firms with multiple lawyers, layers of staff and costly high-rise space. In the past I used another attorney to start two rental LLCs, but afterwards I received notice that business was concluded and that further contact would require a new “engagement”. In contrast Mr. Schoen invited me to contact him if I needed further help. Less chrome and more of a personal touch.

Review for Jeffrey A. Schoen on 04/12/18 in Commercial Real Estate

Great service!

Review for Jeffrey A. Schoen on 03/06/18 in Trusts and Estates

If I have need of legal services again Mr. Schoen would certainly be my first call. Everything about my experience with Mr. Schoen was positive from the first contact throughout the ensuing months and numerous challenges, even when I didn’t like the answer or outcome, he was concise and compassionate about the situation.

Review for Jeffrey A. Schoen on 02/20/18 in Real Estate

As an Attorney myself I am well aware of the importance of great communication, fair billing practices and attention to detail. Jeffrey was excellent in all areas of his work with me. I presented him with what I thought would be a simple transaction and turned out to be way more complicated (showing why an expert in the right field is critical). Jeffrey was excellent to work with and made sure all documentation and filings were complete. I would definately recommend him to anyone.

Review for Jeffrey A. Schoen on 01/24/18 in Franchises and Franchising

We really began to work with Jeffrey just prior to the 2008 financial crisis. We had 10 retail locations and it was becoming increasingly difficult to pay full rent at nearly all of them. We were in the process of franchising and we worked with Jeffrey to both franchise and negotiate with each landlord in order to keep our stores open. Jeffrey is extremely smart and effective in handling challenging situations. He had a large role in the fact that we still exist as a business 10 years later.

Review for Jeffrey A. Schoen on 06/30/11 in Debtor and Creditor

Mr. Schoen has always been very responsive and sensitive to my needs. He has handled paperwork efficiently and effectively and is very timely.{para}I rely on his counsel and have never had a reason to doubt his expertise or knowledge in matters that can get complex.{para}I would and have, recommended him to others for these and many other reasons.

Review for Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Schoen, P.C. on 05/23/11 in Construction Law

I am the owner of a small contracting company and have retained Jeff to handle a number of construction-related matters for me. {para}From day one, Jeff has been the consummate professional; he promptly returns phone calls, completes projects on time, and always has the best interests of my business in mind. Jeff’s advice has been invaluable to me, and he always takes the time to explain what he’s doing and why. He is flexible and easily adapts to my continuously changing needs. On top of all of that, he is also a pleasure to work with.{para}In my case, I found an excellent, attentive attorney who constantly looks out for me and my business. I would recommend him to anyone.{para}Gary Delisa
General Development Corp.

Great Legal Advice

5.0 stars
Posted by Mark
April 19, 2016

Mr Jeffrey Schoen has been my attorney for over a decade. Jeffrey was quite helpful when I went into business for myself in 2004 and that was how I first met him. He reviewed contracts, wrote our purchase agreement, handled a couple disputes with employees, and was an excellent source of knowledge when I sold the business and real estate in 2016. Over the last 12 years he has saved me from making a couple of costly mistakes with timely advice.
I recommend Jeffrey for any business needs, big or small.

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Hired attorney

Multiple Issues Resolved

5.0 stars
Posted by Sandy and Dennis
June 29, 2011

Mr. Schoen has expertise in areas not listed here. He excels in meeting the needs of his client in his personal service. His ability to get to the point of discussions, and handle questions effectively and efficiently, speaks to his ability to provide top notch services.

I have found him to be professional to a fault.


5.0 stars
Posted by Harvey
November 17, 2009

Jeffrey A Schoen has been a tremendous help regarding the legal aspect pertaining to my involvement in commercial building leasing, favorably resolving monetary issues regarding intellectual property rights, authoring favorable terms for the purchase of commercial buildings including a very thorough “due diligence” activity/review of financing proposals and family estate planning with the establishment of a Living Trust.

Over the years as a business owner, one of my most favorable memories of Jeffrey and how he strives to obtain the best outcome for his clients involved the cancellation of a contract by one of my customers. In question was who would be responsible for contract cancellation charges for the inventory that I had accumulated to meet the customer’s forecast. I contacted Jeffrey by telephone and, although he was very busy, understood the urgency of the situation and dropped what he was doing and immediately came to my facility to review the contract. He felt that one of my options was to enter into a law suite with my customer to rightly recover a substantial amount of what was owed to my company but instead, recommended that I personally enter into negotiations to resolve the issue without lawyer involvement. I took his advice and eventually reached an agreement with my customer that resulted in full payment of the cancellation charges. This speaks volumes for Jeffrey’s integrity as well as having his client’s best interest at heart. He had an opportunity to make a great deal of money by being actively involved in a law suite but refused to do so as the first option.

For this reason and for reasons of returning positive results on my other dealings with him, I highly recommend his services.

Client Review

5.0 stars
Posted by Sandy
October 28, 2009

We have hired Jeff on several different occasions from setting up our business entities to handling contract disputes. We also recommended him to negotiate tenant/landlord contracts for the Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of Commerce.

Attorney Recommendation

5.0 stars
Posted by Gabriel
October 22, 2009

Since 1997, we have hired Jeff for several commercial real estate matters. His services have included commercial loan document review and negotiation, tenant / landlord issues, estate planning, corporate formation, contract disputes, and the acquisition / disposition of real estate. Jeff’s service has always been complete, thorough, and timely.

Review of Jeffrey Schoen

5.0 stars
Posted by Walt
October 22, 2009

Jeffrey has been my business attorney for the past two years and I have found his direction to be spot on. He always looked out for my best interests and was a pleasure to work with. His office staff is able to handle allot of the more mundane tasks minimizing the expense always associated with a lawyer. I continue to use Jeffrey and will in the future.

Client review

5.0 stars
Posted by Francine
September 27, 2009

Jeff is a great attorney. He has given me advice several times on various projects. He is extremely thorough and reviews contracts in a timely manner. He is very honest and straight-forward and has saved me from making mistakes. Jeff really has your best interest at heart and he pays close attention to detail. I would definitely recommend Jeff Schoen.